Gwynns Falls and Baisman Run

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15 minutes

Units: Time - GMT, rain - millimeters
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Site Information

Period of Record January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2009
Remarks This data product consists of rainfall fields developed at 15-minute time interval and 1 km horizontal resolution based on bias-correction of NOAA NEXRAD data using local raingage networks. This work was carried out by Jim Smith and Mary Lynn Baeck of Princeton University in conjunction with the Hydro-NEXRAD project. The bias-corrected data set was developed for the Baltimore-Washington region; this web interface makes available downloads for watersheds associated with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study LTER.
Data Attributes The CSV file provides site ID of the centroid of each NEXRAD pixel falling within a selected watershed, the latitude and longitude of the pixel centroid, pixel rainfall depth, date, and time. Hourly, daily, and monthly time increments include a sum of the 15 minutes increments (total rainfall during the time period), as well as mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation associated with the values used to calculate the sum. The "Averaged CSV" file contains rainfall data averaged over the pixels that cover the selected watershed for the time period of interest. The graph shows the same data as the "Averaged CSV" file.
Funding Funding for processing of this data set was provided by National Science Foundation.
Data and Web Services Mike McGuire created the database and Roxanne Sanderson (UMBC) created the web interface to serve the data.